mardi 8 avril 2008

hey louis, remember cardiff 2000, best dylan concert since melbourne 1966?

bob dylan/frankie lee and judas priest

don't think twice, it's allright/things have changed

cold irons bound/forever young

searching for a soldier's grave/watching the river flow

blowin' in the wind/blind willie mc tell

like a rolling stone/tombstone blues

highway 61/tryin' to get to heaven

country pie/tangled up in blue

desolation row

ALL OF DYLAN'S 2000 selection is now VISIBLE on 07/04/08
great stuff, maybe the best concerts since 1966 ...

hey louis, c'est le retour de louis (et des cinéphiles)


lundi 7 avril 2008

HEY LOUIS, DON'T YOU THINK BOB DYLAN HAS NEVER BEEN AS GOOD AS IN 2000 ... since his great 1966 concerts?

bob's best line up ever?
larry campbell, david kemper, tony garnier, charlie sexton ....

a hard rain's a gonna fall

desolation row

tell me that it isn't true

if dogs run free

love sick

lenny bruce/mama you've been on my mind

you ain't goin' nowhere/highway 61

everything is broken/ring them bells

song to woody

4th time around, 2000, betlehem


hey louis, DON'T YOU THINK BOB DYLAN IS GETTING WORSE IN 2001, although he has exactly the same band?


4th time around, 12 juillet 2001, liverpool

mississippi/tangled up in blue

man in the long black coat/this wheel's on fire

boots of spanish leather/desolation row

visions of johanna/just like a woman

positively 4th street/leopard skin pill box hat

things have changed/i shall be released

knockin' on heaven's door, liverpool 2001
(les sept chansons qui précedent sont aussi de liverpool, 2001)
BONUS 2008

spirit on the water/25 mars 2008/mexico
this song is only two years old (in modern times, 2006), that's why it's not completely destroyed ....

hey louis, is it true you love al bowlly more than bing crosby ... and even more than sinatra?

al bowlly/my melancholy baby

le retour du jeune sinatra

frank sinatra 1/the last call for love/1942 (avec tommy dorsey et les pied pipers)

frank sinatra 2/ i could'nt sleep a wink last night, 1946 (avec michèle morgan)
le retour de dick haymes ...

dick haymes, 1948/speak low (kurt weil)
le grand rival de sinatra face à ava gardner ... le grand amour de sinatra
(ce n'est pas la voix d'ava, elle est doublée par eileen wilson)
le film s'appelle one touch of venus, il est de 1948)

hey louis, c'était quoi déjà, le cinéma?

dean martin's/sway, 1950 (his first big hit)

hey louis, tu es sûr que c'était ça, le cinéma?

pola negri en 1925 (et pourtant, je déteste le cinéma muet/ou plutôt, il m'a toujours été indifférent/i just like talking movies/je n'aime que le parlant, les paroles ....)

pola negri/a woman of the world (malcolm st clair, 1925)

mazurka/pola negri (1935)

mazurka/damia, 1935 (version française/je sens en moi)

mazurka/germaine sablon, 1936 (version française/je sens en moi)

mazurka/zarah leander, 1942 (version suédoise)

hey louis, where do the beatles come from?

louvin brothers

louvin brothers/everly brothers

blue sky boys/beatles

hi lo's/ beach boys

hi lo's ... ... + + + ... frank sinatra

hey louis, here's great texas music: guy clark, steve young, townes van zandt ... (HEARTWORN HIGHWAYS, 1975)

guy clark/desperadoes waitin' for a train

townes van zandt/waitin' around to die

steve young/alabama highway)

richard dobson/for ever, for always, for certain

larry jon wilson/ohoopee river bottom land
in this great 1975 film, you'll also see a great version of hank williams' i'm so lonesome i could cry by steve young, the first version of townes van zandt's pancho and lefty, and great early texas songs by steve earle, rodney crowell, john hiatt ... SEE THE FILM IN DVD, you'll never forget this impression of sincerity, freshness, friendship .. and pure musical genius ...

hey louis, isn't will oldham from another planet?

bonnie prince billy/weaker soldier (copenhague, 2007)

bonnie prince billy/strange form of life (jaffa, israel, 2007)

hey louis, do you know these two fabulous unfinished dylan songs from 1966 (EAT THE DOCUMENT?

bob dylan 1966 (eat the document)

hey louis, do you prefer dame judi dench's version of SEND IN THE CLOWNS or frank sinatra's

dame judi dench/send in the clowns (1998)

dame judi dench/send in the clowns (1996)

frank sinatra/send in the clowns (1973, with gordon jenkins)
frank sinatra/send in the clowns (1976), with bill miller
or this great late peggy lee's version

peggy lee/send in the clowns (1980)

dimanche 6 avril 2008

hey louis, remember these country legends, guy clark, "cow boy" jack clement ... and bob dylan?

guy clark

cowboy jack clement
these are two don was productions

bob dylan/unbelievable/10.000 men (two other don was productions from under the red sky)

" invraisemblable ou pas, crois-moi, c'est la vérité -et il n'y en a pas deux ..."