samedi 10 mai 2008

hey louis, did you produce these beverly kenney videos (and the two johnny hartman clips too)?

frank sinatra/beverly kenney/why try to change me now?
two splendid versions by sinatra (1952 and 1959 ) and before that, an even greater one by beverly kenney (1956)

johnny hartman/while we're young (1956)

... Je suis né en à Gurs à côté de Pau. Quand j’y suis né, en 1943, c’était un camp de concentration. Un camp de concentration en France, tu te fous de notre gueule, Skorecki ? Vous ne me croyez pas ? Cherchez sur Google, vous verrez si j’affabule. Cette histoire, la plus perso, la plus secrète, la plus intime, je ne vous en reparlerais plus jamais. Une fois, ça suffit.
Pourquoi Gurs, USA ? Pas à cause de Springsteen, que j’ai toujours trouvé lourdaud, mais à cause des USA. Tout mon paysage mental, depuis toujours, a toujours été américain. L’Amérique de Charlie Chaplin et de John Ford, l’Amérique de Jimmie Rodgers et de Bob Dylan. De ça aussi, du fait d’avoir été « born in the USA », je ne vous reparlerais plus jamais. Une fois, ça suffit.

beverly kenney/more than you know (one of the last songs, 1959)
On va parler de quoi alors? De crooners, de country, de Dylan. Beaucoup de Dylan. Cette chronique, j’avais d’abord pensé l’appeler LIKE A ROLLING STONE. C’est qu’une nuit de juillet 1965, figurez-vous, j’étais dans un studio d’enregistrement à New York, un studio où Dylan enregistrait le disque où allait figurer Like A Rolling Stone (qui venait de sortir en 45 tours, et faisait déjà figure d’hymne électrique et poétique pour une jeunesse déboussolée à la recherche d’un nouveau prophète). Ce disque sublime que j’ai vu se faire presque en entier en un jour et une nuit de défonce musicale, c’était Highway 61 Revisited. Vous ne me croyez pas ? Demandez à Dylan, il vous dira.

beverly kenney/dipsy doodle
very early pre-rock and roll song (1952)

beverly kenney/a woman's intuition (ellis larkins, piano, 1957)
En ce moment, je fais des efforts, j’écoute une chanteuse vivante. Elle s’appelle Shelby Lynne, son nouveau disque (Just A Little Lovin’/Lost Highway) est un hommage à Dusty Springfield, et surtout à son célébrissime lp enregistré à Memphis. Ce n’est pas une débutante...
shelby lynne/i only want to be with you (from new cd, just a little lovin'
. ... j’aime cent fois mieux la grande Melba Montgomery, connue pour ses beaux duos avec l’homme à la voix de miel, George Jones. Cherchez ses disques, ils sont difficiles à trouver mais vous ne le regretterez pas.

here's the great melba montgomrey that i compare in my article with "newcomer" shelby lynne (unfortunaly, melba's mosty dramatic video, NO CHARGE, has now been removed by youtube ....)
(à suivre dans ROLLING STONE)

beverly kenney/it only happens when i dance with you

mercredi 7 mai 2008

hey skorecki, is it true you're writing again?
yes, every month i'll have my column in the new french edition of ROLLING STONE, i've found a title, BORN IN GURS, USA

frank sinatra/send in the clowns (carnegie hall, 1980)

sinatra, with strings (1958)/close to you

beverly kenney//i walk a little faster (1958)

lundi 5 mai 2008

hey louis, don't you think bob dylan never sang as well as in Melbourne, in 1966 (all these clips are produced by LES FILMS D'OCCASION)?

bob dylan/just like tom thumb's blues/melbourne, 19/20 april 1966

bob dylan/just like a woman/melbourne, 19/20 april 1966

melbourne 1966, one of the very best concerts of dylan's "career": drunk, stoned, or both ...whatever ...but greater and more poetic versions than the originals, most of them recorded just a few weeks earlier for the BLONDE ON BLONDE ALBUM (some tracks are from 1965's HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED, an album almost done as a live improvised concert -i know, i was there in summer 1965, as a young french journalist, for more than half of the recording .. ampaings souvenirs of an incredibly creative artist, although high on rhum and coke/and cocaïne or heroin, or so it seemed... only charlie parker could do that)


bob dylan/on a rainy afternoon (1966)

bob dylan/i can't leave her behind (1966)
two beautiful unfinished songs from eat the document (1966),first film that dylan directed, or sort of directed (il a renié le film plus tard)
if you go to youtube and ask for eat the document, you'll be able to see a great part of the film.
span class="Apple-style-span" style="">if you want to see renaldo and clara (1975/76), go to
it's divided in 54 parts, you'll see the whole of it

renaldo and clara (part 53, just like a waman/knockin' on heaven's door)
renaldo and clara is a masterpiece of images and music, with an idea of schizo-cinematography and split characters that dylan invented more than 30 years before todd haynes had his idea on a film on him.
here's what dylan had to say in 1976 about different actors playing bob dylan:
-in the movie, ronnie hawkins, a 300-pound canadian rock singer, goes by the name of bob dylan. so is there a real bob Dylan?
-dylan: in the movie, no. he doesn't even appear in the movie. his voice is there, his songs are used, but bob's not in the movie. it would be silly. did you ever see a picasso painting with picasso in the picture? you only see his work. now, i'm not interested in putting a picture of myself on the screen, because that's not going to do anybody any good, including me.
...the persona of bob dylan is in the movie so we could get rid of it. there should no longer be any mystery as to who or what he is-he's there, speaking in all kinds of tongues, and there's even someone else claiming to be him, so he's covered. this movie is obvious, you know. nobody's hiding anything. it's all right there. the rabbits are falling out of the hat before the movie begins.
-...but bob dylan and mrs. bob dylan are played by different people....
-oh, yeah.
-and you don't know for sure which one he is?
-sure. we could make a movie and you could be bob dylan, it wouldn't matter...

-but if there are two bob dylans in the film and renaldo is always changing....
-well, it could be worse, it could be three or four ...

look dow, look down, and seek your maker: CHECK CARDIFF 2000, best concert since MELBOURNE 1966

(see at april 8) or

" invraisemblable ou pas, crois-moi, c'est la vérité -et il n'y en a pas deux ..."