samedi 14 juin 2008

hey bobby, when did you decide to become a full time crooner?


bob dylan/return to me
il semble que cette interprétation suave et décalée à la fois d'un grand succès de dean martin ne soit pas un bootleg, mais un vrai enregistrement récent ... pour les soprano

bob dylan/sugar baby/glasgow, 2001
one of dylan's most perfect and delicate songs, sung ever so sweetly only a couple of months after he had recorded it for love and theft (notice how the dean martin influence mixes with emmett miller's old time minstrel style)

hey louis, don't tell me you like ella now ...

ella fitzgerald/but not for me (1950), ellis larkins on piano
i've changed my mind over the years: in two fabulous records, one with the the great ellis larkins on piano (pure ella, 1950/1954) and the intimate ella (with pianist paul smith, in 1960), she just sings classic ballads and she's as good as billie holiday or sarah vaughan .. or frank sinatra.

hey bob, was it you there, in vienna, on tuesday?


bob dylan/masters of war, vienna, june 10

vendredi 13 juin 2008

hey louis, do you know why dylan loves david allyn that much?


david allyn/long ago and far away (1959)
words by ira gershwin, music by jerome kern
(rappeler que david allyn a commencé dans l'orchestre de boyd raeburn)

hey louis, who is the devil here: junior kimbrough or reverend louis overstreet?


reverend louis overstreet/working on the building (1960, arhoolie)

junior kimbrough/sad days, lonely nights (1993, fat possum)
l'un des derniers enregistrements de junior kimbrough, dans son juke joint du nord mississippi (il a brûlé quelques semaines après sa mort): god's voodoo or the devil's prayer?

" invraisemblable ou pas, crois-moi, c'est la vérité -et il n'y en a pas deux ..."