vendredi 27 mars 2009

certains jours il n'y a rien de plus beau qu'une chanson fragile du jeune donovan .... .... .....

donovan/hey gyp (1965)

donovan/why do you treat me like you do? (1965)

donovan/to sing for you (1965)

donovan/oh deed i do (1965)

donovan/sunny goodge street (1965)

donovan/catch the wind (bbc, late sixties)

... ... ... .... ou qu'une version country sous héroïne de "i shall be released"

gram parsons (and flying burrito brothers/i shall be released

did you say "the beatles" ? no, no, no, ... i said "the zombies"

the zombies/can't nobody love you (like i do ) ?

bob dylan, positively van gogh/sad eyed lady of the lowlands (denver tapes, 1966)

postively van gogh (denver tapes, denver hotel room, 1966)

When I'd ask why the painting was deadly
Nobody could pick up my sign
'Cept for the cook, she was always friendly
But she'd only ask, "What's on your mind?"
She'd say that especially when it was raining
I'd say "Oh, I don't know"
But then she'd press and I'd say, "You see that painting?
Do you think it's been done by Van Gogh
The cook she said call her Maria
She'd always point for the same boy to come forth
Saying, "He trades cattle, it's his own idea
And he also makes trips to the North
Have you ever seen his naked calf bleed?"

I'd say, "Oh no, why does it show?"

And she'd whisper in my ear that he's a half-breed
And I'd say, "Fine, but can he paint like Van Gogh?"
I can't remember his name he never gave it
But I always figured he could go home
etc, etc ....

sad eyed lady of the lowlands (denver tapes, denver hotel room, 1966)

vous avez déjà entendu un truc plus beau que ça?

hank williams/cold cold heart (rare slow version, live) (plus a duo anita carter/hank williams)

dimanche 22 mars 2009

des nouvelles de bob dylan/house of the rising sun; great early stéréo + early electricity

bob dylan/house of the rising sun; cette fabuleuse version électrique a été produite en 1964 par le grandTom Wilson

bob dylan/andy warhol's screen test (1965)

l'angelot dylan, baby fat and all, filmed by andy warhol

bob dylan and andy warhol share a cigarette (directed by andy warhol)

an alternate new morning take on a bob dylan song

if not for you, demo/slow version (new morning sessions, 1981)

des nouvelles de bob dylan/like a rolling stone; version valse lente, accidentée, enrouée

like a rolling stone/take 12/take 13 (1965)

bob dylan/i can't leave her behind (denver tapes, 1966)

bob dylan/i can"t leave her behind (hotel room in denver, 1966)
BONUS/another song from the denver tapes

bob dylan/another rainy afternoon (four versions)(hotel room in denver, 1966)
recorded directly from the soundboard/listen ..... for once it's clear like a studio recording
make you feel my love/san josé (1998)

des nouvelles de bob dylan//we had it all, chanson rare de donnie fritts ( 1986).

bob dylan, avec tom petty and the heartbreakers/we had it all ... une belle chanson noire et blanche de donnie fritts (buffalo, ny, 1986)... un ami de dan penn et de kris kristofferson, c'est dire (sa version de 1973 est sur youtube)

" invraisemblable ou pas, crois-moi, c'est la vérité -et il n'y en a pas deux ..."