mardi 8 avril 2008

hey louis, remember cardiff 2000, best dylan concert since melbourne 1966?

bob dylan/frankie lee and judas priest

don't think twice, it's allright/things have changed

cold irons bound/forever young

searching for a soldier's grave/watching the river flow

blowin' in the wind/blind willie mc tell

like a rolling stone/tombstone blues

highway 61/tryin' to get to heaven

country pie/tangled up in blue

desolation row

ALL OF DYLAN'S 2000 selection is now VISIBLE on 07/04/08
great stuff, maybe the best concerts since 1966 ...

4 commentaires:

pierrino 27 a dit…

Were you in Melbourne in 66 Louis ?
Or did you listen to a pirate tape ?
I guess those two concerts must be impossible to find on cd !
Thanks anyhow ! I will relish all this you can be sure !

skorecki a dit…

j'ai vu dylan plusieurs fois en 1965, à newport, au hollywood bowl de la, et surtout une nuit dans un studio à nyc où il a enregistré près de la moitié de highway 61 revisisited; mais à melbourne ... hélas non.
j'ai le bootleg australien, dylan raide défoncé chantant mieux que jamais, ce pirate est facile à trouver, quant à cardiff, i just ordered it ...
(if you type concerts dylan on google, you'll find a way ...)

skorecki a dit…
(so you don't have to google yourself to death)

pierrino 27 a dit…

I loved the long interview of you in the Inrocks or whatever I found on the net... It tells a lot in a nice way ! Thank you for this magical link for Dylan's concerts... it's amazing... And tell me what you think about the box in two or three years !

" invraisemblable ou pas, crois-moi, c'est la vérité -et il n'y en a pas deux ..."