lundi 14 avril 2008

hey louis, do you really hate rock and roll?

peggy lee/till there was you (1961)

the beatles/till there was you (1962)

deux ou trois choses que je sais sur la sublime beverly kenney ....

before her untimely death in 1960, beverly kenney wrote a song: i hate rock and roll ....
she sang it on may 1958, on the steve allen show ...

i'm growing weary of teenage hoods/motorbikes, blue jeans and natalie woods
i'm tired of rebels without a cause/say, whatever happened to santa claus/rules of the road and baby ruth?
i for one must tell the truth/i don't care who knows it
i hate rock and roll/i don't care who knows it
i hate rock and roll

i want to say I love you/in the natural way
don't want to say/i luh-uh-love you
no, not that way/i don't care who knows it
i hate rock and roll

young luh-ove, true luh-ove is over-rated
and blue suede shoes/they should be confiscated
what is the answer to a teenage prayer?
frankly speaking i don't care, i don't care

i don't care who knows it/i hate rock and roll
i don't care who knows it/i swear that i hate rock and roll

i don't want to swing a hip/or swing a guitar
or anything to do with that ver-nac-u-lar
i don't care who knows
so I'm last on the hit record polls/cause i hate rock and roll


sylvia syms/there's somehing about an old love, barbara carroll, piano (1952)
sinatra's favourite crooning lady ("the world's greatest saloon singer", he used to say)

jimmy durante/september song (kurt weil/maxwell anderson, 1955.
if you want to see other skorecki produced videos of SEPTEMBER SONG (among them a longer version of the song by jimmy durante, recorded eight years later with lots of violins, in 1963, as well as three different sinatra versions -one of them with gordon jenkins from sinatra's best album, no one cares, a nat king cole reading, the willie nelson version ....) as well as two new clips i produced of jimmy durantes' fabulous collaborations with gordon jenkins (les violons ont TOUJOURS RAISON), go to youtube and you'll find them easily .. ... ou demandez-moi, je les mettrais dans le blog .....

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