vendredi 26 novembre 2010

16 songs (1928-2009)

ymg (young marble giants (final day, 1980)/ esg/ (moody, 1981)

bo diddley (1955)/ buddy holly (1957) / bo diddley

slim harpo (1966) / shake your hips

howlin' wolf (1956)/butch cage & clarence edwards (1964)/smokestack lightning

bukka white/howlin' wolf, in alan lomax's fake juke joint, in the early sixties

alan vega & alex chilton/ & b vaughn (1994)/gene vincent (1958)

charley patton (moon going down, first version of smokestack lightning, 1930)/tommy johnson (1928)

the who/smokestack lightning (third version, 1965)

esg/moody (live, 2009)

john lee hooker and the british rockers (1965)/the original boom boom (1965)

the very last of the great gnawa singing legends, si mohammed bel hassan el sudani, in an early ethnic kind of variation of boom boom (1982)

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Kapellmeister a dit…

J'adore Buddy Holly. Et merci aussi pour les trois autres vidéos.

Kapellmeister a dit…

A propos de Buddy Holly, j'ai acheté cet excellent album, cet été. Je le recommande aux amateurs :

skorecki a dit…

ça coûte une cinquantaine d'euros, mais c'est sublime (il y a tout, tout, tout ... et l'objet slim est très très beau):
BUDDY HOLLY/Not Fade Away: Complete Studio Recordings & More
moins cher chez

Philippe L a dit…

Great Choice, primitive and stiff. I like all of it : YMG and ESG, Bo and Slim, Holly Suicide... A wire stretched between white and black and, at the end of the wire, the african origins of it all.

merci louis

skorecki a dit…

thanks a lot, pal ... i worked at it ... and i appreciate your comments (actually, i added five other sophisticated/primitive songs.. hope you like them too ...)

" invraisemblable ou pas, crois-moi, c'est la vérité -et il n'y en a pas deux ..."