lundi 13 décembre 2010

what did i think when i was 16?

i thought about girls, that's about all ... had drawings of elvis i made myself, pasted on my wall ... loved the everly brothers above all ... around 1972 (i was 28 or 29), some kind of frightening suicidal junkie i had the stupid idea to invite to stay home (i was living with my musician friend patricio villarroel at the time, we ate rice and vegetable one of his girl friends cooked for us) robbed me of everything i had, and what was most important for me at the time were my records ... he stole each and everyone of them, only left the everly brothers cadence 45's cause they had no cover ...only records from that time period i still have ... my father used to like gilbert bécaud a lot, if i remember well ... not me ... in fact, i just tolerated him at the time (along with montand) but deep within, i hated anything that was sung in french ... in fact i had to wait until bashung and rita mitsouko came along, years later, to buy my very first records speaking french ...

je t'appartiens/let it be me/gilbert bécaud (1973)/everly brothers (1964)

i hardly listened to any music for a year after that creep stole my record collection ...i started buying some back (same ones) after a year and a half ... only thing that soothes me, is the idea he would have ALSO stolen the precious signed presley vinyls i had swapped for two or three early ray charles, bd de strasbourg, not far from république, where i would work later for nearly thirty years (first half wasin fact around the sacré coeur/château rouge) in the offices of libération between 1980 and 2007 ...

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