lundi 21 février 2011

hitchcock 1955

alfred hitchcock was the very first to understand television was instantly taking the place cinema had occupied for more than half a century ... he did not know rock and roll was sweeping the world at the very same time ...he didn't need to know ... focussing on stories, small screen, and how to tell a story in somenone's living room without having ever been in his house, without having ever met him ... hey, the man's an unknown, and he should remain unknown to me ... my problem, if my name is alfred hitchcock, is: how will he ever come to know me?
10/02/1955: one of the first episodes of alfred hitchcock presents
alfred hitchcock did not know sweet beverly kenney composed a song called
i hate rock and roll ... he did not know she comitted suicide in 1960 ... she had just turned thirty .... old alfred knew a lot of things but he could not know everything ...

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