lundi 6 juin 2011

vaudeville (1901-1993)

a short students' film about bert williams, the great negro acting as black minstrel as early as 1901 (his first records) ... just a pity the soundrack's invaded by contemporary rap music, until the very end when you can actually hear bert williams' charming and strangely dated way of singing ... what if this blackface was bing crosby's real music master?
lovesick blues/both versions, emmett miller's original (june, 12, 1928), and hank williams' one, twenty years later (1949) ...please judge and compare ...

watch for emmett miller's yodel at 0.42 ...(yes sir, mr bones, 1951)
just routine, you know, old vaudeville stuff ... but what a routine, man ... (1951)
shine/louis armstrong's fabulous minstrel vaudeville version, with young louis simultaneously playing the role of black man and of transvestite (from the film a rhapsody in blue, 1932)
sammy davis, aged 6 (1931 vaudeville at its best)

bob dylan acting as the only WHITE minstrel ever (tangled up in blue, from renaldo and clara, 1975)/a late vaudeville/minstrel version of mississippi sheik's blood in my eyes for you (1993)/
and another splendid performance in WHITE MINSTREL make up (never let me go, from renaldo and clara, 1975)

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