lundi 27 juin 2011

shelter from the storm (1997)

ob dylan's strangely fat looking on these series of songs ... i wonder why ... this arrangement is one of the strangest he ever did on shelter from the storm, surely not one of his best songs .... dressed like that i POSITIVELY love it ...
says hollis1960, who releases this bootleg on youtube, when i told him how i thought dylan looked strangely fat or something .... : "it's probably from the spring 1997 tour ... can't remember which show...he looked a bit bloated in the face for the whole of that was just before the health problem later that year.."
... tO BE CONTINUED ON JUNE 27 ... .... .... 28 fabulous performances from the same spring 1997 tour, just before bob dylan's near fatal brain accident, and just before his near fatal encounter with lord jesus christ ... reborn ...

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