samedi 21 janvier 2012

le plus grand crooner yiddish?

rabbi elimelech par le grand crooner yiddish, seymour rexite, écouter sur le lien ci-dessous

At the height of his popularity in the 1940s and '50s, Yiddish crooning sensation Seymour Rexite starred on 18 half-hour radio shows a week. Whatever song happened to be popular on American radio, his wife, Miriam Kressyn, translated into Yiddish. The son of a cantor, Rexite (originally spelled Rechtzeit) started performing professionally while still in knickers -- the "Wonder-Boy," they used to call him. He hadn't yet reached his teens when he sang before a special congressional committee and then at the White House in a bid to convince the United States government to allow his mother and sisters to emigrate from Poland. Who could have guessed that show tunes from Oklahoma would sound so good in Yiddish?The Kressyn-Rexite concoctions struck big with American Jews. Rexite's smooth-as-scotch tenor won him Sinatra-like adoration from female fans. And Kressyn's translations, always lyrical and often lampoons, pleased and surprised careful listeners. Example: "love and marriage," in her rendition of the well-known 1955 hit of the same name, "geyt tzuzamen vi zup un knaydlakh" (go together like soup and dumplings) instead of "like a horse and carriage."Seymour Rexite lived in lower Manhattan until his death, at the age of 91, in October 2002.

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