mercredi 7 août 2013

I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) 1997 + i"m not there

Thing's all right and she's all too tight In my neighborhood she cries both day and night I know it because I was there It's a milestone but she's down on her luck And she's daily salooning about to make her hard earned buck I was there I believe where she'd stop him if she wants time to care I believe that she'd look upon beside him to care And I'd go by the Lord and when she's on my way But I don't belong there No, I don't belong to her, I don't belong to anybody She's my Christ forsaken angel but she don't hear me cry She's a lone hearted mystic and she can't carry on When I'm there she's alright but then she's not when I'm gone Heaven knows that the answer, she's don't calling no one She's the way, her sailing beauty for she's mine for the one And I lost her hesitating by temptation lest it runs But she don't holler me but I'm not there, I'm gone Now I'll cry tonight like I cried the night before And I'm released on the heights in but I'll dream about the door It's alone, she's forsaken by her fate, worse to tell "It don't have approximation", she smiled, "Fare thee well" Now when I'll teach that lady I was born to love her But she knows that the kingdom waits so high above her And I run but I race but it's not too fast or slow But I don't perceive her, I'm not there, I'm gone Well, it's all about confusion and I cry for her Well, I don't need anybody now beside me to tell And it's all affirmation I receive but it's not She's adorned by the beauty but she don't like the spot and she won't Yes, she's gone like the rainbow that shined yesterday But now she's home beside me and I'd like her here to stay She's a lone forsaken beauty and it's don't trust anyone I wish I was beside her but I'm not there, I'm gone Well, it's too hard to stay here and I don't want to leave It's so bad but amusing when she's hard, too hard to leave It's a load, it's a crime the way she haunt me around But she told, "Won't you hate me?" but [Incomprehensible] Yes, I believe that it's rightful, oh, I believe it in my mind I been told like I said when I before carry on the grind And she's on yet she told her like I said, "Carry on" I wish I was there to help her but I'm not there, I'm gone

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