vendredi 1 octobre 2010

sweet story of a song: charley patton/moon going down (1930)/howlin' wolf/crying at daybreak (1950)/butch cage/c. edwards/smokestack lightnin'(1960)

charley patton sang and composed it first/howlin' wolf adapted it twice (this is the first version)/but i believe the more recent sixties version by butch cage and clarence edwards to be in fact ... the older one, the first one, the dancing hypnotic string band archaic original version

and now, here's ice cream for crows
.... captain beefheart's ultimate 1982 version of charley patton/howlin' wolf/butch cage/clarence edwards' kind of archaic jumping and dancing blues

2 commentaires:

john henry a dit…

Mind-blowing stuff. The Beefheart songs a revelation. Club Skorecki's done it again.

skorecki a dit…

the clip is very well known, the captain directed it himself ... but white jam is a real hidden treasure inside spotlight kid ... i've loved it for years ...

" invraisemblable ou pas, crois-moi, c'est la vérité -et il n'y en a pas deux ..."