samedi 25 juin 2011

beyond here lies nothin' (oslo, 30 juin 2011)

great arrangements, great voice, when he was more alive than alive, in spite of his awful robin hood beard (oslo, denmark) ... i love him more and more ... he's obviously high ... .... but high on what? life or heroin, or cocaine, or a mixture of all that? ..

Beyond here lies nothin'

I love you pretty baby
You're the only love I've ever known
Just as long as you stay with me
The whole world is my throne
Beyond here lies nothin'
Nothin' we can call our own

I'm movin' after midnight
Down boulevards of broken cars
Don't know what to do without it
Without this love that we call ours
Beyond here lies nothin'
Nothin' but the moon and stars

Down every street there's a window
And every window made of glass
We'll keep on lovin' pretty baby
For as long as love will last
Beyond here lies nothin'
But the mountains of the past

My ship is in the harbor
And the sails are spread
Listen to me pretty baby
Lay your hand upon my head
Beyond here lies nothin'
Nothin' done and nothin' said

jeudi 30 juin 2011, oslo's web sherriff is going to take it off soon ... watch quickly ....
this is his best 2011 song (the only other really great 2011 song on yt is SHE ACTS LIKE WE'VE NEVEER MET... in close up pirate look and asthmatic voice) please please madame sony, please please mr youtube, leave it for a few days, a few hours, a few seconds more.... when he sings new material, like he does here, from his texas produced latest cd, bob's youger than ever ... now ....

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Anonyme a dit…

comment s 'appelle le livre sorti en 1992 sur le never ending tour?MERCI

skorecki a dit…

le livre de sam sheppard ou celui de larry sloman, dit "ratso?

Anonyme a dit…

un livre qui ne concerne pas la rolling thunder review,j 'ignorais que sam shepard en avait écrit un sur cette tournée,il doit donc s 'agir du deuxiè y en a un autre de sid griffin intitulé shelter fron the storm,pas mal.

" invraisemblable ou pas, crois-moi, c'est la vérité -et il n'y en a pas deux ..."