lundi 13 février 2012

les yeux de mon père yiddish (leibele waldman, 1907-1969)

it's on my blog because leibele waldman had my father's eyes ... and my father's voice, especially when my father, who learned to sing in poland's synagogues around lodz ... sang the songs of frida boccara ....... he never recorded ... his name was zelig skorecki ... he died in 1969 ... RIP
Last night I dreamed...I dreamed I spoke to Grandpa, who left us for his Eternal Sleep so long ago...
"Tell me, zeide, what is it like for our people where you are?" And he told me...Of the Angels in Heaven...the wise men and Sages who are all interceding with the Almighty for an end to the misery and oppression our People have endured for centuries.
And he told me of Moses, our Teacher who asks, "Oh Lord, hadn't we suffered enough in days of old?"
And the Almighty answers, "Haven't I warned you to follow in my ways, paying no homage to false Gods and Idols?"
But Moses in his wisdom answers, "Yes, Lord we have sinned, but we are your children, and as our Father we beg you to forgive us again", whereupon our merciful Father in Heaven promises that as long as we obey His commandments, He will have mercy and help all...His children.

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