mardi 14 octobre 2008

1.  masterpiece in classic singing ... and one of the very best performances ever of tony bennett, from what i consider his most perfect, most radical, most beautiful record: the tony bennett/bill evans album.  
2.  now i would have loved to compare it with one of the songs from don't look back, a fabulous album by the very much underrated david allyn, with barry harris on piano, unfortunatly i only have the lp and no way to post anything (if somebody has the lp , and knows how to post from it , it would be great ....) 
3.  the reason i'd love to show people interested in the art of singing the incredible similarities between these two albums, is because i now believe, after some research, that tony bennett was highly influenced by david allyn when he recorded his album (his two albums in fact) with bill evans
4.  tony bennett was a great admirer (and a friend, i believe) of david allyn ... and most important are the dates of the recording sessions: david allyn's was on february 27/28, 1975 ... whereas tony bennett's sessions started four months later on june 10, 12, 13, 1975 ... 

tony bennett/bill evans/young and foolish
PS: an orchestrated song by david allyn, just to compare the two voices

david allyn/long ago and far away

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