jeudi 18 novembre 2010

lush life/robert wyatt (2010)/johnny hartman (1983)

from fabulous new cd (for the ghosts within), by wyatt/atzmon/stephen, comes this small masterpiece ... i dedicate it to billy strayhorn (who composed it), to johnny hartman (who made a masterpiece out of it), ... and to frank sinatra who desperatly failed trying to record it (i've got proof of this failure, but i can't put it on youtube, they already suppressed an account i had of more than 600 videos because i posted a "non official track" ) .... and of course for the ever young robert wyatt (in this new films d'occasion video, who somewhat managed to sing it in his very own personal minimalist way (even if he does fail to hit a note once in a while ... it only adds to the charm of this delicate version)

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Anonyme a dit…

Je l'aime cette chanson!!!!!!

" invraisemblable ou pas, crois-moi, c'est la vérité -et il n'y en a pas deux ..."