dimanche 30 janvier 2011

john ford, 1965

most important year of my life, 1965, was the year i met dylan (in new york and newport), sun ra, albert ayler, thelonious monk (in new york), john coltrane, archie shepp, muddy waters (in chicago), john wayne, robert mitchum, howard hawks (in arizona) ... and lots of others celebrities, around los angeles, mainly directors (samuel fuller, blake edwards, otto preminger) and various personnalities (walt disney, ray bradbury, lightnin' hopkins) ....
.... it was also the year john ford produced the best of his late films, young cassidy, shot in dublin about the youth of great irish poet sean o' casey .... ford had to stop directing the film after only two or threee days of shooting, because he fell seriously ill .... ..... cinematographer jack cardiff shot the film with an incredible fordian sensibility ... .... it remains one of cinema's most obscure enigmas: how did john ford manage to produce one of his very best melodramas without even being there?

a documentary about young cassidy, filmed by the maysles brothers, 1965 (rod taylor, maggie smith)

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