mercredi 18 mai 2011

hey man, bob dylan will be 70 next tuesday, may 24 ....

"you must be kidding, man .... that's the most depressing thing i've ever heard ..."

After a concert in March 1966, on board a private plane in Lincoln, Nebraska, bound for Denver, the singer told critic Robert Shelton: "I kicked a heroin habit in New York City. I got very, very strung out for a while, I mean really, very strung out. And I kicked the habit."
It has long been conjectured that Dylan suffered from a drug problem in the mid-60s, but the rumours have never previously been substantiated. "Death to me is nothing as long as I can die fast," he told Shelton. "Many times I've known I could have been able to die fast, and I could have easily gone over and done it.
"I'll admit to having this suicidal thing ... but I came through this time."
GUARDIAN, may 23, 2011

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" invraisemblable ou pas, crois-moi, c'est la vérité -et il n'y en a pas deux ..."