mercredi 1 décembre 2010

edward ludwig/bonanza (1959)

les dernières images, des images télé, d'un très grand cinéaste méconnu

first part of a rose for lotta, from famous tv series, guest starring yvonne de carlo/some of the last images shot by a great underestimated film director (1898-1982)

last part of a rose for lotta

edward ludwig/ the black scorpion (1957)
i had the chance to interview edward ludwig in hollywood, in the summer of 1965 ... he was a shy man, unaware of his cinematic genius ... he did not even mention, when i met him, that john wayne (they had worked together on wake of the red witch/le réveil de la sorcière rouge, in 1942) considered him to be the best director he had ever known ... ... my favourite ludwig film is the very last he directed, the gun hawk/le justicier de l'ouest (1963) with rory calhoun ...

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