jeudi 2 décembre 2010

meeting bob dylan in close up for the very first time (1962)

… got my first real dylan experience in july or august 1962 … … on his close up photograph on first lp, he looked so much like michel klein, my meanest best friend, it was unbelievable …i took the lp to the record booth, tried to listen, and quickly decide it was unlistenable … it would take me a year, a whole year, thanks to a song i started to hear everywhere, the flipside of blowin’ in the wind, to decide there definitely was something strange and magical in this donald duck voice trying to emulate charley patton or robert johnson …. this magical song was don’t think twice, it’s alright … ….
don’t think twice, it’s alright (1962)
... ... and it’s still one of my very favourites dylan tunes… a year after being sort of hypnotized by dylan’s first album (by his looks on the cover anyway, so close to my best friend’s looks, a guy that I loved and hated at the same time, and who was -like bob dylan, maybe- the most selfish egostistical sonofabitch, capable of the most terrible acts of pitiful jealousy), I decided it was time to invest in this strange musician’s first lp ….and I bought it, only to listen to that music longer, closer …. I slowly got acquainted to the words that lay inside, hidden from most persons at the time …. apart from blowin’ in the wind that I’ve hated ever since for its boy scout way …. i quickly decided it was a great record, one of the most personal and strangely haunting I’d ever heard in my life … I was slowly forgetting michel kein’s evil ways, and getting more and more connected with dylan’s own devilish turn of mind …

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